We Rumbled Now We Bounce!


Rumble in the Jungle, what a great night, we had so much fun last Friday. DJ Sugarlips eased us into the night with a vibing funky beat, he warmed the crowd up quite nicely for Electric Jaxx and Shane Brady bringing the DJ and drums combination to town. As the crowd built I had a drink and chatted to the lovely Alana and Andy behind the bar. There were some early booty shakers on the dance-floor carving it up with swagger and game. I swear I heard a Eminem remix with a bit of ride my pony backing beats…? at 12:15 the floor was pretty full and from the back corner I heard blokes chanting, I looked around and sure enough from what I could see were some lumberjacks enjoying the dance-floor.. (Maybe they were just some footy boys with matching flannies). Did you know Mamas has their own branded beer? oh and apparently you can buy a night with Cameron for $35, he is the one in the hat! The music was well mixed, well played and not one style all night, RnB to house and back again, nothing was off limits and it made me smile, something for everyone. Not going to lie DJ Sticks played with a vengeance rocking the funky beats and made my hips swing. I ventured out at about 4am and to avoid the walk to the rank I called a cab straight to Mamas door, much easier and safer.

 Did you come see us on the weekend? Did you come to Rumble in Jungle? Who played your favorite set? Any goss.. Feel free to share yours stories with us. Just comment on this post or on Facebook.

Enough of that its now time to BOUNCE! Come see Chris Bullen play this Friday Night, doors open at 9pm.

 Melbourne Bounce

Watch our whats on video here!

Peace, love and happiness.

Mama Africa

Hot tip: don’t listen to anything the Monkey says…


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