Cocktail Club 10pm – 12pm every night!

 When the night is still developing and you are not sure what to do, have you ever thought of coming seeing us at Mama Africa? We are not all about partying hard to the early hours of the morning (as fun as it is), we also like to play and experiment with new tasty drink flavors!

Cocktail Club is on every night from 10pm -12pm and is something we started so our suppliers, staff and friends (you our patrons) can mingle and try some new flavors. Whether is after a nice meal somewhere,  a girls night out, your birthday, a hens or bucks night come see us at the Cocktail Club, so we can give you the best start to your night out.  Our friendly staff are always willing to try new things, get creative and have a laugh, so feel free to set them a challenge to create your new favorite flava! But if you like to keep it simple no worries, we can also mix you up a classic like the espresso martini, cosmopolitan, or long island ice tea, there really is no limit to what we can create for you.

So get creative, come and mingle with us at Mama Africa!

Cocktail Club each and every night from 10pm

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