It is time to get your GHOUL on!


Friday is upon us and this one is extra special with it being Halloween and all! First up, thanks to everyone who came and partied with us last weekend. Melbourne Bounce 2 with Chris Bullen was a solid night but Saturday night surprised us, the crowd was pumping, energetic and we nearly ripped the roof off!

If you have any videos or images from any night at Mamas feel free to share it with us, we want to see them!

Are you ready to get your spook on tonight? We hope so because we all love Halloween! For some inspiration check out our photo reel from last year Here!

Dont forget we have our next instalment of Pimp your Party on this Sunday, the theme is Gender Bender so get your cross dress on. Thank you to Kate Riley who picked a wicked theme for us to work with!.

Peace love and Happiness!

Mama Africa

HOT TIP! We love a happy fun crowd, so keep your head on straight so we all have amazing nights.


We Rumbled Now We Bounce!


Rumble in the Jungle, what a great night, we had so much fun last Friday. DJ Sugarlips eased us into the night with a vibing funky beat, he warmed the crowd up quite nicely for Electric Jaxx and Shane Brady bringing the DJ and drums combination to town. As the crowd built I had a drink and chatted to the lovely Alana and Andy behind the bar. There were some early booty shakers on the dance-floor carving it up with swagger and game. I swear I heard a Eminem remix with a bit of ride my pony backing beats…? at 12:15 the floor was pretty full and from the back corner I heard blokes chanting, I looked around and sure enough from what I could see were some lumberjacks enjoying the dance-floor.. (Maybe they were just some footy boys with matching flannies). Did you know Mamas has their own branded beer? oh and apparently you can buy a night with Cameron for $35, he is the one in the hat! The music was well mixed, well played and not one style all night, RnB to house and back again, nothing was off limits and it made me smile, something for everyone. Not going to lie DJ Sticks played with a vengeance rocking the funky beats and made my hips swing. I ventured out at about 4am and to avoid the walk to the rank I called a cab straight to Mamas door, much easier and safer.

 Did you come see us on the weekend? Did you come to Rumble in Jungle? Who played your favorite set? Any goss.. Feel free to share yours stories with us. Just comment on this post or on Facebook.

Enough of that its now time to BOUNCE! Come see Chris Bullen play this Friday Night, doors open at 9pm.

 Melbourne Bounce

Watch our whats on video here!

Peace, love and happiness.

Mama Africa

Hot tip: don’t listen to anything the Monkey says…



Click here to watch

Month of Madness Oct/Nov 2014


Just to let you know and let you get prepped we have some massive events coming up in the next month.

It will be all kicking off this week with the next installment of RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE on Friday the 17th October. We love rumble in the jungle and this week the Mackay boys are bringing it with a Drum/DJ combo set! Are you coming? I think you should! Go On!  One willing customer will be asked a few questions, have their picture taken and possibly a little video recorded so we can write up the first of many Mamas Legends Profile!

Rumble In The Jungle

Excitement plus! On October 24th we are hosting the MELBOURNE BOUNCE II Tour with CHRIS BULLEN!
Keeping his head down perfecting his craft over the last couple of years, Chris has taken 2014 by the scruff of the neck and has no intention of letting go. There’s no mistaking what the Chris Bullen sound is about – purpose built club jams designed to move a dance floor! You would be a fool not to come and enjoy Chris’s bounce tunes while getting down on our zebra dance floor.

Melbourne Bounce

Next off the bat is HALLOWEEN!!!! We always have fun at Halloween so many people get very creative with their costumes, so we expect it to be no different this year. So come on down and ghoul it up with us on Friday the 31st October. This year we will be raising money for the Whitsunday Trash Bags roller derby team, so come at least to show our support for this local bunch of tough ladies!

Do you know what your outfit will be for Halloween? If not you have 2 weeks to prepare!


We are so excited for the next Pimp my Party on Friday the 2nd October the theme is “GENDER BENDER” hosted by Kate Riley. Woop woop! This means girls are boys and boys are girls.. can’t wait to see some lads in heels, and the girls always look mint in a suit!


Last but definitely not least, MAMAs IS TURNING 13! Come celebrate with us in true Jungle style on Sunday the 16th November! We never disappoint when celebrating our birthday so there will be heaps of cash and prizes to be won. Our favorite part of the night is to see the outfits, I wonder who is going to take this year’s crown as best dressed! So get prepping guys, lock it in you diary because we love celebrating with you!


 Stay tuned for more details, as they unravel you will be the first to know!

Peace, Love & Happiness

Mama Africa

HOT TIP: It is not advised to go drink for drink with a seasoned local, it takes training to get to their level. So pace yourself, drink plenty of water (always available at the bar) and have a good night not a messy night!

Hunks, Retirement and Rave Radio!

Well what a busy few weeks we have had at Mama Africa’s, with Hunks, Retirement and Rave Radio! We love mixing up here at Mama Africa and gave the ladies a tasty treat with HUNKAMANIA on the 25th and 26th of November.  Straight up after that we hosted this months PIMP my party winner Benny Jones with a retirement themed event…. any of you pick up some oldies??

The highlight by far was Rave Radio last Saturday night! the walls were moving, the crowd was vibing and the speakers were thumping. Did you attend any of these events? We would love you to share any video and photos you have with us and tell us why you love Mama Africa.

To get a taste of what you missed or a reminder of an epic night watch Rave Radios video by copying and pasting the below link to your browser.

Don’t forget Throwback Thursday is on tonight then the weekend is here! Members swipe, swipe, swipe, your cards to win your own pimp my party. Last months winner of Pimp My Party is…. drum roll please… KATE RILEY! Her choice of theme is GENDER BENDER! So get creative people you have some time to prepare it will be on the 2nd of November!


We love hosting parties and making peoples night so if you want to be a VIP let us know how we can help you create a happy, fun and special party.

Love, Hugs and Happiness

Mama Africa

TIP: The giraffe has been kissed by many people, do you really want to go there?




Cocktail Club 10pm – 12pm every night!

 When the night is still developing and you are not sure what to do, have you ever thought of coming seeing us at Mama Africa? We are not all about partying hard to the early hours of the morning (as fun as it is), we also like to play and experiment with new tasty drink flavors!

Cocktail Club is on every night from 10pm -12pm and is something we started so our suppliers, staff and friends (you our patrons) can mingle and try some new flavors. Whether is after a nice meal somewhere,  a girls night out, your birthday, a hens or bucks night come see us at the Cocktail Club, so we can give you the best start to your night out.  Our friendly staff are always willing to try new things, get creative and have a laugh, so feel free to set them a challenge to create your new favorite flava! But if you like to keep it simple no worries, we can also mix you up a classic like the espresso martini, cosmopolitan, or long island ice tea, there really is no limit to what we can create for you.

So get creative, come and mingle with us at Mama Africa!

Cocktail Club each and every night from 10pm